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Thomas personally invites his long-time female friend Kirby (Kirby Blanton) as well as the hottest girl in the school, Alexis (Alexis Knapp).

I provided structured examples to fix what is flawed.

Most sports fans aren't tuning in to watch their favorite sport to see the seductive sideline reporter.

And they probably aren't clicking over to ESPN to see which of its statuesque blondes is co-anchoring the latest edition of It's the same reason nobody tunes in to see Phil Simms or Joe Buck blather on during their live game broadcasts—except that many of the women in the broadcast media are a welcome addition to the sports world rather than a plague on it.

The truth is I called it as it happened at GDLA and to be quite frank with all of you, many folks out there were far more brutal than I when it came to opinions. Yes Jillian, you ask people to spend their time watching you on TV, their most valuable commodity. As a viewer aka “a customer” I am entitled to complain or praise a product, especially if it is a public product.

viewer I was a customer and Jillian’s actions many mornings were a tainted and bad product. “Jillian in these actions didn’t act as a professional, she acted like a child acts, and because of my blogs and opinions when she was on TV. When she stepped before the camera onto the “PUBLIC” airwaves or any airwaves for that matter, she gave up her privacy and opened herself to opinions and comments, especially if she makes herself into a product.


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