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The key is making sure your chatbot meets your customers' expectations. Chatbots are getting more sophisticated all the time. In fact, many people prefer to interact with brands and businesses via chat or messaging - and this trend is only growing with the younger generations. If chatbots aren't part of your plans now, they better be soon!To vote add your user id using ~~~ beside the bot in the table below.The diversity advocate will help you get your money on Facebook Messenger.So make sure you always give people the option of whether to interact with a human or a bot - or some hybrid of both.It turns out a company established to facilitate unethical behavior made some ethical lapses of its own.Men who signed up for a free account would be immediately contacted by a bot posing as an interested woman, but would have to buy credits from the site to reply.

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Hangouts offers advanced improvements over Google Chat such as group chat, Android and i OS apps, group video calling, and integration with other Google products.

The bot comments back with sass, imparting Gallop’s personality (and use of expletives) into tips on bargaining, the data behind the wage gap, and witty remarks such as, "It’s good to know the facts, but it’s better to make a shit ton of money." "Ask For a Raise" will be promoted across social channels with two videos: "Freebies" and "Cindy Meets Cindy" that feature who else but human Cindy Gallop.

Every day, more people are discovering the many benefits of chatbots. Your chatbot must stand out - like a unicorn in a sea of donkeys. In fact, if a company could get it right, 49 percent of consumers would rather conduct all their customer service interactions via text, chat, or messaging. However, we're still in the early days of chatbots, which means people are going to have some negative experiences.

I've previously shared 11 amazing facts about chatbots. Despite some early growing pains, overall people have a positive perception of chatbots, according to Live Person survey of 5,000 consumers in six countries (as reported by Business Insider).

Millennials said texting was the most effective communication option when engaging with a company.


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