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Mike and Kirk are slammed by the hard hammer of Zach's vitriol and bitterness about dating! Mike and Kirk traded the "Ask A Guy" segment for a whole show featuring a real live girl guest. Episode 07 (Rebroadcast) - Mike is shocked to learn the gayest thing Kirk has ever done. Mike’s former girlfriend has a serious problem: Halitosis! Should you be concerned about email spying from your partner? Episode 002 (Rebroadcast): The guys wonder about the point of fake boobs. The most entertaining internet online radio station ever. Episode 033: Does the man or woman have the sexual power in a relationship? It's a tough job for the guys, but somebody had to do the interview.

Episode 11 (Re-Broadcast) - This episode was kind of all over the place, but here are the important questions the guys tried to answer in their ridiculous guy ways: Why are guys intimidated by women with serious money? Episode 10 (Re-Broadcast) Girls, take a seat, this is the MUST episode about fashion! How much does a child come between a couple in love? For some reason, this episode gravitated toward weddings and marriage. Tune in to this episode to learn what guys really think about weddings!

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(Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images) Republican Vice presidential nominee Mike Pence and wife Karen listen as Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump addresses the final rally of his 2016 presidential campaign at Devos Place in Grand Rapids, Michigan on November 7, 2016. A month after she began carrying the cross, Mike popped the question while they were feeding ducks together. “You have to find an English speaker,” opined John over lunch on Hashmona’im Street last week, as I whinged about my latest debacle with Israel’s finest. But it takes a strong-willed man to settle for fish and chips or a Big Mac and fries, when he could, instead, feast on a (Jerusalem mixed grill). again) – was that perfect Ashkenazi father/Sephardi mother combo: tall, willowy, olive skin, and (Tel Aviv mix), if you like. Our third meeting – preceded by a discernible tailing-off in our flirtatious, daily text messaging – is cancelled by J, by sms, on the very same evening, with more excuses than a Hasmo boy: “pressure at work . But why is it so damn difficult to meet a nice, genuine, uncomplicated woman in this city?J, Israeli, 40 and divorced (plus none) – whom I had met through JDate (I am, depressingly, back . And we had been on two extremely encouraging dates before the start of the fun and games . Yes, yes (you slaves to your therapists), I Finding attractive women in Tel Aviv is, of course, not a problem.During his appearance on Friday's edition of , the boxer revealed, "I'm totally destitute and broke.But I have an awesome life, I have an awesome wife who cares about me... I don't deserve the kids that I have, but I do, and I'm very grateful."Here now is a brief timeline of Mike's chequered past, focusing on the women he's loved, lost and wronged. Just to be one hundred percent that my intuition is correct – I know that I will not be able to cope with the teasing thought that that body, skin and hair (and, of course, mind) might, just might . The following morning, I receive an e-mail from J containing the exact same excuses. As usual, I search for possible reasons for this latest failure.


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