Jin akanishi dating lizzy

After Tsukba Actor's studio closed down, the trio joined one of Japan's biggest talent agencies, Amuse. Then now, here I am just keep watching all of your movies again and again . im crazy about you, i know im not the only one but well.. Please come back :( We want the whole group of The Last Cinderella BACK!! IF YOU ARE A FAN OF HIM YOU CANNOT NOT SEE "KOIZORA" :( I cried a lot for this movie specially when he died. Because his acting is just supernatural, in my opinion. I'm happy my friend brought me all these disks with Japanese films and anime, because I would never spend time downloading any of these things myself because I never knew anything about Japanese cinema!

Shortly afterwards Haruma's popularity grew even more following his performance in the NHK family drama Fight. and have my collection of all of your characters and pictures . You are so handsome especially in Black color hair. I fell in love with him for the first time I watch him in crows zero, in that time I don't even know he's name at all. He prove to us he can act really well ❤ My fave is Sky To Love, From Me To You, Bloody Monday, You Taught Me All The Precious Things, Last Cinderella & The Hours Of My Life. i fell in love with you while watching bloody monday series. i hope your next project will have the same genre as bloody monday. i think im captured by your charm,,, I left a comment again for the 2nd time hehe!!! I love you so much and omg im so so happy to see you in the big screen like holy omg hd and everything (attack on titan) Fighting! You are one of the best actors in Japan~ I adore your acting and your smile, of course ;) your smile can literally melt ice!!

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While continuing his acting career in Japanese television dramas, Haruma and two other students formed the boyband Brash Brats. Then second time I saw you in Attack on Titan as Eren and then every time I think about it, I can't forget the way you smile . I just always want to see you in personal but I know its really impossible. i found this guy and now im stuck to all of his movies and im loving it!! hope he'd notice me somehow(tho it seems so impossible) watching all of your movies and series will be my everyday hobby from now on.. Somes of my friends agree with me, we want to catch you too with baby. I tottaly love the way he acts he's such a good actor and too handsome BTW! you can't always get what you want and in this case you want your BELOVED person 4ever Haruma Miura is an amazing actor i like his roll in the movie "Sky of Love ~ Koizora" i found that roll is the best than ever :) The movie is so beautifully and at the same time so sadly he came there so genuinly forwards into rolls as Hiro I has so often cried when I looked the film because he touched me these whole emotions such a good roll : D I've seen a lot of films but my favorite is "Sky of Love ~ Koizora" the movie is so unbelievable wonderful Haruma Miura is for me the Beste Japanese actor and the beste actor ever :) I think he is really great.

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