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Everything that we are, everything that we experience, everything that we can ever imagine or perceive, is merely a derivative of Christ.

This is how all encompassing and overpowering this energy is.

Absolutely everything in existence is merely a derivative of Christ.

So when we talk about Christ, we are not talking about a man; we are not even talking about a God.

Another week, another public university president defying the First Amendment.

The online conversation — a copy of which was obtained by The Canadian Press — included references to sexual activities some of the five individuals wrote they would like to engage in with Roy, including oral and anal sex, as well as suggestions that she suffered from sexually transmitted diseases.When considered in this context, you can’t credibly present the chant as expression so menacing that it is devoid of First Amendment protection.But that is exactly what a student group, and now the UMW administration, have done in this case.Nonetheless, Roy — who received a copy of the conversation via an anonymous email — said she felt compelled to speak out, especially since the five individuals were in positions of leadership on campus."They should be held accountable for those actions.But someone at the party recorded the chant; eventually, UMW's Feminists United on Campus found out about it and made sure university administrators were informed.


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