Tiffany hsu ethan ruan dating

[/b][url=" News[/url]The hottest hunk in Taiwan now, Ethan Ruan, was caught on camera, "dating" a male friend and holding hands in public on Valentine's Day, instead of spending the day with his girlfriend.

In response to the photo which was published, Ruan exclaimed, "That's impossible!

He sought his friend's opinion on the books he picked and they never left each other's sight during the trip. I think the holding hand pic was just taken at the wrong time Really? Paparazzi most likely and intentionally took a 'bad' picture to spread useless things. i think most people would only see this as just another funny story...

What was most unbelievable was that the two men actually held hands! When guys speak, we tend to use a lot of gestures." When the media asked if they really held each other's hands, Ruan said, "I really cannot remember that. Ethan, I guess, is known to be friendly, and this is no different. [quote name='elanation' post='5849789' date='Feb 17 2009 11 49 PM']i think at some point, every male showbiz personality had their own share of 'gay rumors'...

In an interview, Tiffany said that they are currently undergoing a “cooling-off” period while Ethan stressed that they are “temporarily living apart.” In addition, Ethan clarified rumours which claimed that he cheated on Tiffany. In this crucial period for the two of us, can’t you give us a little space?

”The 32-year-old also shot down rumours which claimed that sparks flew between him and 23-year-old Chinese actress Zhou Dongyu, after they collaborated on two films, Ethan and Tiffany share an affectionate and enviable relationship and are a well-recognised couple in Taiwanese showbiz.

Tiffany shed light on their wedding plans in 2012 when she said they would “probably get married” in another two years’ time.

At Mark Chao’s wedding which they attended together last year, the couple said they have yet to set a date for their wedding.

Rumors of Ethan Ruan’s future have been a topic in the entertainment pages for quite some time.


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