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Initially the best love quotes would first define what love is and then help us to better love others.

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Proverbs 20:6 says, “Many people profess their loyalty, but a faithful person—who can find? These are serious warning signs that may indicate a lack of commitment to purity. Even though she has decided to wait a few years until her daughter is grown to reenter the dating scene, she's confused about how to proceed."When Madaline is out of the house I want to date, but I don't know how." Samantha has been divorced for only a year, but would like to start dating again even though her two boys are still in elementary school.” If you want to assess the likelihood of a man remaining faithful to his marriage vows, don’t ask him, observe him. A man who is not committed to purity is not very likely to be committed to a vow to keep himself only for you for the rest of his life.Watching your boyfriend’s eyes will also tell you a lot about his commitment to you and to purity.How does one react to anxiety in the relationship without always becoming defensive? Each of us is left with a basic question: How does the grace of Christ meet us in the midst of emotionally charged, often over-spiritualized, life-encompassing performance anxiety?


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