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The show is an hour and a half of unbelievably funny stories.

After years of experimentation with dark and personal storytelling he debuted his one-man show “Norman Rockwell is Bleeding” at the Hudson Theater in Los Angeles.“Love Is Evol ” Titus’ third one-man show deconstructs relationships in a way no comic has ever attempted.Titus wades into domestic violence plastic surgery custody and all aspects of the nightmare relationships that made him question the existence of God.Titus tackled such difficult issues as the Iraq war racism pedophilia and even his father’s unconventional and ridiculous funeral where he with his brother and sister’s help spread his father’s ashes in a casino.These are issues most comedians would run from but Titus never walks into the familiar.Whatever the reason, the pathos and higher understanding of humanity found in Rockwell is replaced by fury and swagger here, as Titus damns the "thieving harlot" and holds up the Diesel model -- who can also track elk -- as a thing of envy.


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