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If you answer “A” to any of the below, you must be stopped. If you answer “C,” you’re a meal martyr, which can be annoying in its own way.a.) Throw a fit until the host crafts a small table out of wine bottles and seats you.

b.) Ask if you can put your name down for the next available table.

c.) Apologize for twenty minutes and then go to Chili's, where it's safe.a.) Drink half of it, then shove it at the bartender and tell her, “I hate this.” b.) Wait for the bartender to have a free moment, then ask her what she’d recommend for someone who likes lighter/heavier/oakier/nutmeggier wines.

c.) Drink it and order another glass of the same because you don’t want to put anyone out.a.) Smear Alfredo sauce on the walls.

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When Marshall asks who would take the unused room in the apartment if he were to move out, he uses Barney as humorous possibility. In "World's Greatest Couple", Lilly cooks for Barney, which makes Barney mad, as this is a change from his normal lifestyle, which does not involve having food cooked at his place.Don't assume her day was a scene out of a movie where all the characters are regulars and super nice to her and tip insanely well. Not only is she carrying around heavy things all day, it's also totally likely people have written her mean things on receipts.In the episode, Christmas time at the office leads to depression for Michael, when his girlfriend Carol (Steve Carell's wife, Nancy Walls) breaks up with him.When the majority of the office decide to go to Karen and Pam's party, Angela becomes upset, and seeing this, Karen and Pam decide to combine the parties.Soon after, Michael and Andy's dates leave them, but Michael nevertheless finds someone to go to Jamaica with him.She's going to notice ~*e Ve Ry Th In G*~ from how the service was to how much you tip because this is literally what she spends all day doing, but thankfully at another place because...6.


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