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“Don't even think for a moment that it would be okay to just tell your best friend.” Oshima says the consequences of doing so are dire. Because if your boyfriend ever finds out that you shared something that he entrusted in you, he will never trust you again with anything else that he holds near and dear to his heart,” she says.

“Men have a hard enough time opening up about their feelings, so don't breach his trust.” Seriously, don’t.

The professor of Evolutionary Anthropology has applied this theory to see if the 'Facebook effect' has stretched the size of social groupings.

He compared the online 'traffic' of people with thousands and friends to those with hundreds.

can ever be “just” friends – that is to say, can a friendship exist without sexual or romantic attraction “ruining” the relationship.

Dating in college calls for more mature moves, such as not telling your friends every little detail about your relationship.Oxford University Professor Robin Dunbar has conducted a study of social groupings throughout the centuries, from neolithic villages to modern office environments.His findings, based on his theory 'Dunbar's number', developed in the 1990s, asserts that size of the part of the brain used for conscious thought and language, the neocortex, limits us to managing 150 friends, no matter how sociable we are.In addition to seeing faces they're currently friends with on Facebook, Down now lets people size up friends of friends on Facebook too.You also can opt to take people on dates, if you'd rather not skip straight to the sheets.Krista J.'s husband is hanging out with another woman. "He told me they are just friends, but he has been leaving me to go hang out with her," she frets.


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