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It does not mean he or she wants anything more than just a few hours to get to know you.

He or she wants to impress you, and wants you to get to know him or her. Know the part of town you are in so you can make a suggestion for something else to do. One date does not mean you should be picking out china patterns.

The good news is that the more you date, the easier it gets.

Instead, find someone that really sparks your interest.

A simple "Hey, why don't we get together for a bite to eat? If the object of your affection is interested (and only if interested), ask when they're available and suggest a time and place.

Choose something that's convenient for both of you. Ideally, your first date should be at an open place that has a lot of people milling about, like a book store or casual lunch joint.

Email back and forth a couple of times or have a phone conversation before you make your move.

One trick to feeling more confident and relaxed on a date is to come prepared to fend for yourself.

Whether you’re planning a date, or are just looking for something to do on the weekend, the Jacksonhole Tram is a great idea, albeit a little expensive if you’re a college student.

The keys to being consistent about regular date night are: 1. Many couples set a regular night, usually Friday or Saturday, as their “date night.” Nothing else is allowed on that evening, which is reserved for date night only! And if your date nights are consistently boring, they’ll quickly disappear. Remember that good dates don’t have to cost a lot (or anything at all).

If you don't have a spot in mind, ask a friend, coworker or even your date to recommend a favorite. Sharing the information with friends will help you relax and appease any safety worries you might have.

Until you achieve it, you need to view the search as a process rather than an event. However, no other term adequately conveys the same meaning.


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