Validating date server side in php

The following form contains some typical validators needed in a registration form.This j Query plugin has support for a lot more validation functions, you find them all in the menu to the right.This page explains how to use the same form validation rules for both client-side and server-side validation. uses PHP form validation rules for the server-side validation and Java Script rules for the client-side validation. You need to add the language strings to the frontend language file but also to the backend language file in case you want to use the same validation rules in the backend.

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Validate qty of checkboxes in a group (same name) have been checked, using min, max or range.

The client-side validation is done using j Query 1.5.2 Zebra_Form‘s code is heavily commented and generates no warnings/errors/notices when PHP’s error reporting level is set to E_ALL. In plain English, this means that you have the right to view and to modify the source code of this software, but if you modify and distribute it, you are required to license your copy under a LGPL-compatible license, and to make the entire source code of your derivation available to anybody you distribute the software to.

You also have the right to use this software together with software that has different licensing terms (including, but not limited to, commercial and closed-source software), and distribute the combined software, as long as state that your software contains portions licensed under the LGPL license, and provide information about where the LGPL licensed software can be downloaded.

Zebra_Form is a PHP library that simplifies the process of creating and validating HTML forms.

Its object-oriented structure promotes rapid HTML forms development and encourages developers to write clean and easily maintainable code.


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