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" Ms Hannen-Williams said."Their parents don't even know that their children should be learning braille and how much of an advantage that child would have and how much better their outcomes would be if they were given braille." In frustration, Ms Hannen-Williams began teaching Caitlin braille herself - despite not knowing the script - and later secured some funding from the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

This has enabled Caitlin to study braille before school via Face Time with a teacher in New South Wales, but this funding runs out in August.

She lobbied the WA Education Department intensely for braille lessons for the girls, but they were offered short-term lessons of only one hour a week.

The department's assessment of Caitlin, who is now 12 and legally blind, states "to introduce braille at this time would create an unnecessary burden for her and would prevent her from achieving her potential in the classroom"."So I think to myself, how many other children in WA are in the same position?

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